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Reveal all the flavours of your cooking with a plancha

What about plancha grill ?

For people looking for that nice barbecue with their friends and family, the Plancha grill makes an excellent choice for those outdoor parties. Barbecue grills are not as straightforward as they look. Therefore, it is crucial that one review a few models before picking the favourite one. This article reviews the Plancha grill to learn its capabilities and features.

Plancha grill details 1st part

The Plancha is a stainless steel grill from Very Cook. There is also an option for epoxy painted steel. Users determine the best Plancha grill from either the two-burner or the three-burner models. Its package comes with the grill, a tote, an apron and a cookbook. To top is not assembled in the package. However, the process of assembly is fast and does not require special tools.

This piece of catering equipment has a minimalistic style with few controls and a polished exterior. It is a tabletop grill, which sits on shiny stainless steel legs. Besides, the front surface has two metal knobs for controlling the gas. There is also a button on the side for starting the dual electronic piezo. It has a huge metallic grill on one side of the tray and a drip tray below it to collect all the cooking grease.

The griddle is a double-enamelled steel surface that has been coated with scratch-resistant material that is also non-stick. This material helps distribute heat evenly. Users need to provide a surface on which the grill would sit. However, the brand has nice stands that one can buy on the side. The magnetised sides of the grill ensure that it remains in place as one uses it.

Plancha grill details 2nd part

Users can come with bottled gas for cooking and attach the supply from behind the grill. Once the gas supply is on, one needs to flip the switch and the grill will be fired up in no time. The grill has 5KW burners that raise the temperature to 3500C in a few minutes. Each of the burners is independently controlled. This allows users to cook food in varying temperatures on the griddle.

Its overall cooking surface is a whopping 57cm by 41cm for the two-burner option, enough for grilling food for up to 10 people at a time. The only thing users do is to apply a little oil on the surface, turn, their food after every while and place the cooked food on the grille to keep the food warm. Once the cooking is done, users can scrape the remaining oil into a drip tray accessed through the rear opening at the back of the tray. This is one of the best Plancha Grill features for fast cleaning. Besides, the tray is dishwasher safe too.

  • The setup is easy, with just two parts to assemble
  • The feet are adjustable for maximum stability
  • Individual burner control enables one to cook at different temperatures on the same tray
  • It is easy to clean after use
  • Gets hot quite fast
  • It is quite expensive
  • Its base unit has very sharp edges
  • The grill is quite heavy for moving around
  • The instruction booklet is not very detailed

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